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About SOH+RISE 2015

The Spirit of Humanity Recognition (SOH) by AmeriCares and the Responsible Impact Summit & Expo (RISE) by Idobro have partnered to create a forum that will enable a holistic view of development issues.

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About The Responsible Impact Summit Expo (RISE)

“Private public community partnerships founded on shared values and market based solutions will drive the overall sustainability of our world as it exists”

The Responsible Impact Summit Expo (RISE) is a participatory active mapping platform for resources and partnerships with and within the development sector. The distinctive feature of RISE is the pure interactive design with the objective to:

1.Connect: go beyond knowledge sharing to engagement
2.Communicate: contribute ideas and practices that bring down costs of discovery, outreach, execution and delivery
3.Collaborate: design solutions that leverage strengths and resources.

Organizer : Idobro
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