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Day I | Thursday | 11th September 2014

Round table I –  Using Technology effectively for Social Impact (IDOBRO)  Slideshow Download
Launch I –  Millennials Report – MSL group  Slideshow Download
Roundtable II – Tertiary Health Care for Urban Poor (Ekam Foundation)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop I – An Awareness program on Capital format and Investor Protection  (BSE Investors’ Protection Fund)  Slideshow  Download
Roundtable III – Joining hands against Malnutrition in Urban Slums (Glenmark Foundation)  Slideshow  Download
Roundtable IV – Project 100,000: Bridging the gap between Skill Development and Livelihood  (Pipal Tree Ventures)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop II – Rural Immersion for Corporate Strategies (Drishtee)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop III – Trustlaw Legal Advisory (Thomson Reuters Foundation)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop IV – Mobile Apps for Social Change (Popup Technologies)  Slideshow  Download

Day II | Thursday | 12th September 2014

Roundtable V –  Project 100,000: Enabling access to Water and Sanitation (Ambuja Cement Foundation)  Slideshow  Download
Roundtable VI – Project 100,000: Empowering the differently abled (IDOBRO)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop V – “Taj Must Smile” Launch of Activation Platform for Maternal and Child Health (USAID IHBP)  Slideshow  Download
Roundtable VII – Waste is Wealth: Do not walk away from it! (Haware Group)  Slideshow  Download
Roundtable VIII – Employee Engagement for Social Change (IDOBRO)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop – Focus Group Discussion on Regional Cooperation and Evaluation Practitioner Needs  (CoE, SA)  Slideshow  Download
Workshop VI –  Kitchen Gardening for ZERO waste by DIRT  Slideshow  Download
Workshop VII –  CSR Governance, FCRA and Fund Raising (Centre For Advancement of Philanthropy)  Slideshow  Download

Day III |Saturday | 13th September 2014

Panel Discussion: The Emergence of Women Entrepreneurship in Asia (WTC / AIAI)  Slideshow  Download
Roundtable IX – Right to Education or Right to Quality of Education (IDOBRO)  Slideshow  Download
Closing Ceremony :RISE 2014  Slideshow  Download
Display Area Slideshow  Download
Foot and Mouth Artist Slideshow  Download
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