An enterprise’s success mantra is primarily dependent on two key aspects;

  • Having a Sustained market demand for product/service
  • Ability to fulfil available demand and be financially viable

IMPACTION – The Idobro Multiplier Program supports entrepreneurs on their journey, on critical issues of Customer acquisition, Business and finance planning, People Management and Partnership building.

To enable this, Idobro conducts a 4 part series that not only introduces entrepreneurs to the key concepts of business planning but also enables creating a concrete plan of action for the same based on their specific operational stage. IMPACTION is based on Idobro’s ABCD accelerator curriculum:


The program offers a spectrum of tools and solutions to identify and target their customer base while growing operations successfully!


Workshop Goals and Takeaways:


The entrepreneurs are able to:

  • Identify competencies to access markets and communicate their value proposition;
  • Audit own abilities and gaps, building capacity and resource planning;
  • Map their eco-system and leverage opportunities for creating linkages and partnership;
  • Understand the process of solution delivery and design strategies to grow their business;
  • Develop the Business plan for the next 1 year with immediate actionable steps.

The program can be executed as a workshop, a short term training program and a long term livelihood engagement program for enterprise, corporate CSR and Government schemes