The RISE values – Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco- friendly are a set of “new age values” that drive positive action. Everyone possesses these values to some extent and they develop over a period of time. An individual will discover all four qualities in themselves in a process to find Purpose as an individual and contribute as a Citizen to their communities. This results in collective impact for all.

Definition of the values with examples

  • Responsible (Self Awareness)

To reflect on one’s actions and have a sense of moral duty.

Eg. A person realizing that add to uncleanliness when they throw waste on the street.


  • Inclusive (Socially Conscious)

To think about the well being of others and how one’s actions effects others.

Eg. The person understands that the problem of waste doesn’t only affect them but also others when surroundings are unpleasant and leads to the spread of disease.


  • Sustainable (Critical Thinking)

To consider how one can go beyond intention, to maintain one’s positive action over time, in order create considerable change.

Eg. The persons understand that to have nice surroundings they need to throw waste in the bin every time.


  • Eco-friendly (Collective Action)

To have a collaborative mindset, to understand and work together with others to have positive impact on society and the planet.

Eg. the person realizing that she/he needs to work together with others so that bins are available everywhere and everyone needs to agree to throw the waste in the bins for surroundings to stay clean.