COMCAT 2016 (COMmunication CATalyst for Malnutrition)

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Communication for Awareness about Malnutrition

During the last four decades, scholars have recognized the power and relevance of marketing techniques in addressing social issues such as education, health, environment, and population. And now it is widely accepted that many of the social problems can be better tackled by a discipline called “social marketing” that offers the application of marketing techniques in the social ventures.

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Idobro Impact Solutions in collaboration with Glenmark Foundation launches its annual Behaviour Change Campaign Competition. This is an endeavor to influence the behavior of the society as a whole to make it inclined towards healthier practices in various social aspects which would also support the underprivileged sections of our society.

Glenmark strives to promote responsible corporate management in social and environment areas. The company believes in enriching the lives of people by providing innovative medicines that meet high-quality standards. We believe in improving lives of employees by providing growth opportunities, fair employment conditions, and a safe & healthy work environment. We demonstrate our commitment to the environment by following best environment practices and ensuring our manufacturing facilities continuously work towards reducing the impact on the environment.

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This is a call to the student fraternity to wrack their brains and come up with an innovative behavior change campaign that can positively influence the behavior of the society in choosing a nutritious diet for their children. Come, support the cause and do your bit for the ill-fated urban slum families.

Click here to download the white paper on the status of malnutrition in urban slums.


The Challenge

The challenge is to build a comprehensive communication campaign that can influence urban slum children food choices, a campaign that can make urban slum dwellers more conscious about their children’s health.Poster Glenmark4

This will be the real test of the power of your innovative ideas. You are free to prioritize concerns such as eating habits, education of mothers, choosing media in innovative formats targeting behavior change etc. and take a path that would either reinforce existing beliefs or break conventional modes of thinking through powerful execution of revolutionary ideas with scientific, technological and emotional backing. These are just indicators of how you can impact the future of the children and the nation’s future generations in a positive way. You can take an alternative pathway as well depending on your vision for the malnutrition and child’s health. The challenge before you is to take an entrepreneurial approach, think out of the box and at the same time ensure that your idea is economically viable and financially feasible. You are expected to develop a complete communication strategy along with your partner NGO.


There will be one winner team, who will get Rs 25,000 cash reward.

Template for Concept Note

Deadline for Submission of Concept: 7th Feb 2016 Word Limit: 1000 words

  • Memorable messages that start with a clear, succinct, easy to repeat, emotionally compelling message that will be etched in the minds of the target audience. A message that will relate to the day to day life of the person

  • Stories are a powerful tool for campaigns- People remember other people and stories better than numbers. It helps them to visualize and understand a specific message that is being communicated
  • Action tools and roles- A clear step wise process understanding that will enable anyone to take, without requiring elaborate new processes, even if more complex change is required eventually. It is a sort of process which has been put into place
  • Coalitions of partners- Change campaigns need many suppliers, distributors, and allies which can come together to create a larger impact which was otherwise not expected
  • “Point of action” nudges- Most of the popular media messages get generalized attention, but like marketing campaigns that require sale support, successful behavior change campaigns need to place reminders at the point of action at regular intervals to show their presence & intention

 Important Dates

Sr No



1 Submission of Concept 7/02/16 midnight
2 Declaration of 5 Finalists 10/02/16
3 Final presentation and declaration of the winning team 12/02/16


For any query please write to or call +91 9821087000