Idobro organises Corporate CSR events of exhibition cum sales to promote products from women entrepreneurs, NGOs and green producer members – Organised over 400 event days in about 50 Corporate  and institutional locations in 7 cities across India


Partner Event with Maharastra Chambers of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (MACCIA)

  •  Exhibition of Women Entrepreneur products for the General Public
  •  End – to – End Event Management
  •  Venue and Logistics
  •  62 Stalls, 10 Interactive Sessions
  •  Collateral Development and Design
  •  Production and Logistics
  •  Media Relations
  •  Promotion: direct, indirect channels
  •  3000+ visitors






Consumer Exhibitions

  • Other Exhibitions
    • Launch of Software, Exhibition on AIR, WATER, LAND
    • College Festivals
    • Trade Fairs
    • Melas and Roadshows






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