Idobro Projects and Events

Idobro provides end-to-end services that go beyond traditional logistics for events, workshops, conferences, awards, training seminars and networking meets to bridge the knowledge divide and create opportunities to connect, communicate and collaborate.

 A modular approach, you can accordingly choose the area you need assistance. We offer our expertise as a Knowledge, Process and/or Outreach partner in the following areas:

  • Event Design and Content– Undertake research and planning to design the event structure, content, communication and collateral for implementation
  • Operational Support –Facilitation, Logistics, Production, Closures and Outcome assessment.
  • Outreach / Linkages – Identify, promote and connect with the relevant target audience in the right numbers and proportion. Visibility is generated through appropriate tools, media channels, partners and events. 



To know how we can make your event meet your mandate in the most cost-effective way, contact us.