Idobro works with Development sector, Corporate organizations, Government and Academic institutions seeking to create value for their constituencies, beneficiaries and/or member network. Idobro has designed and developed the RISE frameworks and 5I/S methodology for managing visibility, scale and sustainability. We are a single point resource to outsource the full range of communication, outreach, mobilization for short-term and long-term objectives. I*5 is the 5 step-process of a continuum of tools and channels to create Consumer awareness, Corporate engagement and Community partnerships for socio-environomic impact.

Idobro facilitates market access, helps enterprises build capacities, create linkages and delivers collaborative solutions to customers, capital, capacity and community through following programs and services:

RISE Programs


Design and implement core business initiatives around:


Build and scale sustainable enterprises through:

Responsible Procurement  Responsible Consumers
Inclusive Policies  Inclusive Capital
Sustainable Partnerships  Sustainable Capacity
Eco-friendly Practices  Eco-friendly Communities

Cloud Services

The Idobro Marketing Cloud provides the tools and channels for visibility, revenue generation and knowledge transfer between multiple stakeholders. Services may be availed on based on the stage and maturity of the initiative as well as budgets available thus offering relevance and flexibility.

Idobro (I5) is the process of creating Impact (In the Glagolitic alphabet, dobro has a numerical value of 5)

Process of Impact

Communication – Conceptualise and execute targeted and relevant messages and content, design and production of collateral and media strategies, ad campaigns and social media presence for Cause Related marketing, Social message advertising, Ethical Branding and PR

Outreach– Build awareness and visibility through Idobro research, media channels, partner network and events as well as those of third party (paid and free). Catalogue, newsletter, social media and website are multiple touch points for direct, indirect and digital marketing.

Events – Idobro provides end-to-end services that go beyond traditional logistics for events, workshops, conferences, awards, training seminars and networking meets to bridge the knowledge divide and create opportunities to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Projects  Deliver collaborative solutions through its member network and partners to research, design, implement and evaluate Inclusive Business and Sustainability initiatives based on the Idobro RISE framework

Sales & distribution – Promote products from our member network through various channels and platforms. Impact shopping at home or Responsible procurement in the office is a win-win proposition to create impact through livelihood and income generation